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Developer Nathan D. Jerpe
Theme fantasy
Influences interactive fiction
Status stable
Released 2005
Updated 5 June 2008
Licensing zero cost, no source code
P. Language Java
Platforms Java
Interface Unicode
Game Length 100+ hours
Official site of Legerdemain

Legerdemain takes place "within the hallucinogenic realm of Phenomedom". Your character must escape from prison, relearn its past, and decide what to do next. The word "legerdemain" refers to secret magical techniques.

Notable features:

  • Any computer equipped with Java 1.4 (including Java Web Start) may launch the game.
  • When creating a character, after you answer some questions about yourself, the game selects your character class.
  • The game draws itself with Unicode, so the monsters often wear accent marks.
  • If you manage to reach a town with an inn, then you may record your stay and avoid permanent death. (When you die, the innkeeper wakes you from your nightmare.) You may need this feature, because when you do not know where to go next, you might wander in the wrong direction and die.