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libtcod-net is a BSD licensed C# library written by Chris Hamons with help from Ed Ropple, delirium and SofaKng (John Klimek). It wraps libtcod, a roguelike library. Some of the features it provides include:

   * Windowed or full screen console with true color support
   * Support for custom character sets using bitmap fonts
   * Mersenne twister random number generator 
   * Bresenham line drawing toolkit
   * Perlin noise generator
   * Field of view toolkit
   * Pathfinding
   * Image toolkit with support for rotation/stretching 
   * Support for turn by turn and real time games
   * Mouse support
   * Advanced configuration file parser

This library is fully developed.

libtcod-net .4.1 brings libtcod-net into supporting libtcod version 1.4.1.

Ed wrote a great quick start tutorial to get started programming in c# and libtcod-net.