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Alpha Project
Developer Risto Saarelma
Theme fantasy
Released 2011-09-17
Licensing GPL
P. Language C++ (early development version used Factor)
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Tiles
Game Length Short
Official site of Magog

It is supposed to be simple. You come in at the wake of the host, pick through the ruin they leave, and take what valuables the dregs did not find or comprehend. Only now you're not facing a silent waste, but a crawling army of the things still here. And yet the way back is sealed until you have walked the path to the end.


  • Continuous world using portal technology, no stair-scumming corner cases.
  • Hex grid gameplay.
  • Animated graphics.

Implementation details

Versions and platforms

Magog is being rewritten in C++11, using the same code base as Telos. An earlier version developed in the Factor programming language has been abandoned, but its source code is still available from a branch at GitHub.