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Made for [[7DRL Challenge 2015]].

== Features ==
== Features ==

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Malleus Goblinficarium
Developer NikB
Theme Fantasy
Influences Deep Dungeons of Doom
Released Mar 14, 2015
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Game Maker language
Platforms Windows
Interface Pixel art, Mouse + Keyboard
Game Length short
Official site of Malleus Goblinficarium

Malleus Goblinficarium is a coffeebreak roguelike

Made for 7DRL Challenge 2015.


  • Deterministic tactical dice-based combat
  • Locational damage
  • 12 weapon types with special abilities
  • Scrolls, necklets, food, armour and other items to find
  • 4 enemy types
  • 4 levels
  • Boss fight