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== Links ==
== Links ==
[https://db.tt/pfw6wcs7 Download]  (Windows, 2.22Mb)
[https://db.tt/JDdegTS0 Latest build] (Windows, 10.2Mb)
[https://db.tt/pfw6wcs7 7DRL version]  (Windows, 2.22Mb)

[http://db.tt/XU16puDJ Post-Compo Version] (more user-friendly)
[http://db.tt/XU16puDJ Post-Compo Version] (more user-friendly)

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Malleus Goblinficarium
Developer NikB
Theme Fantasy
Influences Deep Dungeons of Doom
Released Mar 14, 2015
Updated Mar 19, 2015
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Game Maker language
Platforms Windows
Interface Pixel art, Mouse + Keyboard
Game Length short
Official site of Malleus Goblinficarium

Malleus Goblinficarium is a coffeebreak roguelike

Made for 7DRL Challenge 2015.


  • Deterministic tactical dice-based combat
  • Locational damage
  • 12 weapon types with special abilities
  • More than 20 items adding depth to combat scenarios
  • 4 enemy types
  • 4 levels
  • Boss fight


Latest build (Windows, 10.2Mb)

7DRL version (Windows, 2.22Mb)

Post-Compo Version (more user-friendly)