Mines of Elderlore

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Mines of Elderlore
Beta Project
Developer Altefcat (Emmanuel Dempur?©)
Theme Classic roguelike
Released 7DRL released on Feb 2008, the 16th
Updated 1.0 beta 4 released on March 2008, the 18th
Licensing GNU/GPL
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Curses, Pygame
Game Length Short
Official site of Mines of Elderlore
Mines of Elderlore is a coffeebreak roguelike

Mines of Elderlore is an out-of-challenge 7DRL developped further to balance gameplay and include graphics.


This roguelike has the following features:

  • Permanent levels
  • Simple and easy gameplay
  • High scores that players can compare with other players


  • You can get the windows binary at:


  • And the source release at:


  • 7DRL file (this file is only here for the 7DRL challenge):




From the source file

You need Python, Pygame and the Numeric module to launch the game from its source file (under Ubuntu, you need to install "python", "python-pygame" and "python-numeric" with Synaptic).

Once Python and Numeric installed, you can download this file:


and extract it to a folder. Launch it under a terminal window with the command "python moe-pygame.py".

If you want to play the game with no graphics, you can launch the curses version in a terminal with the command "python moe-curses.py". If you change the terminal size, the game will adjust accordingly to maximize the display area. The minimal size for the game to play is 80 columns by 25 rows.

From the Windows binary

To play Mines of Elderlore under Windows, download this file:


and extract it to a folder. Launch it by double-clicking on "moe-pygame.exe".

The game has also been ported under Windows by using Wcurses. To play the game with no graphics, double-click on "moe-curses.exe". The display size of the game is fixed at 80 columns by 25 rows, and cannot be changed.