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Developer Robson
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue
Released 16 March 2008
Licensing Open Source (GPL)
P. Language Visual Basic 6
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII / Blocks
Game Length 10-25 minutes
Official site of Numbers




Numbers is an educational roguelike, that's designed to improve and test your basic maths skills. No calculators are allowed during the game :)

Numbers was created for the 7DRL Contest 2008. You can read the creation log.

Numbers requires Windows and the VB6 Library, which you may have already.



  • Move - Cursor Keys / Number Pad / hjkl yubn
  • Wait - Space / Number Pad 5


Roguelike Mode

  • @ You
  • . Corridor
  • # Wall
  • & Magical Beam
  • X Monster
  • > Stairs

BeneathAppleManorlike Mode

  • Blue: You
  • Grey: Corridor
  • Yellow: Magical Beam
  • Green: Monster
  • Orange: Stairs

Lines / Dragon Mode

  • Pink: You
  • Green: Corridor
  • Yellow: Magical Beam
  • Red: Monster
  • Blue: Stairs


Thank you to Jessica and Sinoth for letting me know about the incorrect key mappings.

Thank you to Corremn for the suggestion of showing the correct answer when the player gets a question wrong.

Mini FAQ

Q. Argh! Why is there no 'look' command?!
A. Magical beam effects are random when entered and there's only one monster type, so a look command wouldn't be useful.

Q. I get a message about missing dll's when I run the game. What can I do?
A. Download the VB6 Library.

Q. Can I complete the game without light beam effects?
A. Yes! Light beams are always on intersections, so if you want a challenge, you can move diagonally to avoid them.