Once upon a Dungeon II

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Once upon a Dungeon II
Stable game
Developer Koto Games
Theme Fantasy
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Licensing Commercial
P. Language Unity, C#
Platforms Windows
Interface 2d Art, Mouse, Keyboard
Game Length 2-3 hours
Official site of Once upon a Dungeon II

Once upon a Dungeon II I thought I fulfilled my duty - the dungeon cleared, head of the Fallen One delivered to king's court. Clearly I must have overlooked some of evil servants. Moreover, while escaping they took Slavic gods statues with them, master controlling them, thus becoming powerful foes. Now I'm blamed of evil spreading around the country and forced to sort it out. It's gonna be tough ...


- turn based

- open world

- procedurally generated dungeons + predefinied dungeons

- permanent death (optionally)

- hack/slash oriented

- tons of loot (ordinary, magic, enchantable, unique)

- spells system

- trading system

- crafting system

- door/key/lever mechanics

- different monsters (ordinary, champions, bosses)


Game is available on :

- itch


OuaDII Inventory.jpg

OuaDII Mill.jpg