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Alpha Project
Developer Anfeir (Mikhail Maryshev)
Theme Fantasy
Influences Adom
Released February 10, 2017
Updated March 10, 2017
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Medium
Official site of Owlnest

A roguelike, currently in Demo status.

Some of already implemented features:

  • extended action system with anything as the action target and context actions;
  • specific actions available at the moment, when special abilities are gained;
  • reactions - in cautious mode you can react to monster attacks using different counter-actions, available at the moment;
  • physics - realtime water and lava flow and objects burning, you can set entire forest into fire.
  • different types of wounds instead of plain hitpoints;
  • polymorph - you can basically morph into any monster, obtaining all its characteristics and possible actions.

10.03.2017, v0.2 demo

  • Added some versatility to dungeons
  • New terrain types: decaying dungeon, abandoned dungeon, castle
  • Added map ('#' key), altered high-level world generation template
  • Added ability to return to previous floors
  • Added a bit more new objects (monsters, items, etc)
  • Balance tweaks
  • Many miscellaneous bugfixes

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