POWDER/Dark Ritual

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Game Text

One's minions can be consumed for more than just a quick heal. The negative energy of undead under your control can be transformed into a powerful attack to destroy your foes. On the completion of this dark ritual any adjacent undead will be so converted.

It is rumoured that this spell is the first step in transforming into a lich.


  • Tome of Necromancy

Special Uses

The effect of Dark Ritual depends on what direction the undead pet is from you when you cast it

North: Deals 1d6 damage and inflicts harsh poison for 5d3 turns (dealing 4d3 damage every 2 turns)

West: Deals 6d3 cold damage and inflicts low for 3+3d3 turns

East: Deals 6d6 acid damage

South: Deals 1d60 shock damage