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Magic Missile is a bolt of energy that, as time progresses, has its range increase. It ricochets off of walls and closed doors.

Game Text

The first attempt to project one's will at a distance is always the hardest. The Magic Missile spell is most novices first experience with summoning kinetic energy, so is often scoffed at by higher level mages as a cantrip for newbies. Wise wizards learn well the lessons that it teaches, and are always watching for a chance to use it.


  • Shocking Tome
  • Tome of Cold
  • Tome of Death
  • Tome of Fire

Special Uses

  • As experience is gained, the spell's range increases. If a character has reflective capabilities, then bouncing the missile between oneself and a wall with a foe in between can be quite devastating. This increased range is also quite helpful for hitting creatures at extreme distance, such as cockatrices, green dragons, and the like.
  • Don't forget the missile's ability to ricochet. An adept user can use it to bounce around some corners.
  • Deals 1d2+2 damage
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