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An eastern province of Germany.


Based on empirical research it is assumed that every second Pole is a roguelike developer. There seems to be a critical lack of anything better to do in Poland. They celebrate something called "Fat Thursday". They were Communist, but now they aren't.


Poland is worldwide recognized as the home of the Polar bears, hence their name. They are fierce bears that organize raids over the poles from time to time.


There are trees. Poles are made from trees. Poland is full of Poles. That's how we know there are trees in Poland.


Poland has a strong history of producing logicians. It was also the home of King Casimir the Great. To understand how eccentric the Poles are, consider that they called him "the Great" just because he did an excellent job running the country and not because he slaughtered lots of foreigners, and just because he saved all Europe from being overrun by the Turks, the usual qualification for greatness.