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Developer Thomas Boyd, Rob Vawter
Theme Norse mythology
Influences NetHack
Status Stable
Released 1992
Updated 1995
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Pascal (?)
Platforms DOS
Interface Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 9 hours
Official site of Ragnarok/Valhalla

An old roguelike set in the Norse mythology. Some versions are known as Valhalla. Was commercial at some point, currently freeware.


The player character has to aid the gods during Ragnarok by solving their problems. There are missing artifact weapons, a lost god and a replacement for an arm needed. If that was not enough most of these are to brought to the final battlefield where Ragnarok will happen. Adventure starts in hero's abandoned village. Player has to visit many weird, mysterious and wondrous places to complete his quests.

Unique/rare features

  • Player is allowed to wear up to fourteen rings.
  • Conjurers' fennling skill allows to transfer charges between similar wands.

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