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Beta Project
Developer Anfeir
Theme Fantasy
Influences Daggerfall, ADOM, ArcticMUD
Released Mar 5, 2010
Updated Apr 18, 2011
Licensing Freeware,
Closed Source
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII - Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 50+ hours
Official site of Rayel

Rayel is a single-player role playing game similar to a rogue-like. The game world is predefined and almost static: all the areas, dungeons, most of item properties.

The plot: A character comes to in a world that is completely new to him. He knows nothing about it. How he should behave and what to do - it's all up to him.

Current version: 0.1.12.

  • fixed bug with empty messages in quests, when you get hidden secret rewards.
  • fixed several mistypes.
  • some skills are not trainable now because of too boring training: hide, poison.
  • slight balance tweaks. More starting items.
  • some items in inventory are highlighted now.


  • The game is stable, playable, winnable and rather balanced starting from version 0.1. There are winners already.
  • The plot with at least 3 endings.
  • Pseudo real-time actions: every action and movements takes some time, has the beginning and the end, and everything can happen during this period.
  • Missiles (and some spell effects) are flying in the real-time. Some classes have ability to gain amazing speed and overrun them.
  • Internationalization support: full Russian and English versions.
  • Interface: flexible settings of quick movements, autorunning along the long plains roads, etc.
  • Random quests with different difficulty degrees.

The world

  • The big and fully active world.
  • 178 areas, over 500 sub-areas
  • Variety of the world: dungeons, plains, forests, steppes, swamps, deserts, seas, isles, rivers (with underwater part), mountains, castles, temples, towers, towns (plains, forest, underground, mountain), ruins, ancient misty constructions.
  • No strict bound between locations. There are some areas which extend over the significant map part.
  • No strict levels/floors division: in any place of the map you can encounter an ascending, descending or stairs. Many corridors lead very far away.
  • Hidden and locked passages.


  • 340+ monster races. The significant part of experienced monsters (capital 'letters') can be met only outside the well-known region of map.
  • Monsters have almost the same set of attributes that the main character, they can use weapons and other items.
  • One the same monster type can be of different professions.
  • Large variety of temporary monster effects. Miscellaneous buffs, weaknesses, diseases, venoms, curses etc. Like 120 effect types total.

Skills and spells

  • Over 200 total skills and spells (inc. monsters).
  • Skills: real raising, without manual raising.
  • Monsters, especially experienced, can have large variety of skills and spells, depending on their races and classes.
  • There are some spells, effects of which can vary depending on caster's power (mostly his intelligence).


  • 930+ different item types.
  • 40+ artifacts.
  • 12 unique classes, every of them has its own set of skills and spells, besides the common skills and spells. The significant part of them are accessible only after gaining a particular level.
  • Different types of non-item objects: signposts, traps, fountains, plants, levers, caches, windows.

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