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Library project
Developer Aave
Updated Mar 05 2010
Status Beta
Licensing WTFPL
P. Language C, C++
Platforms Windows, Linux
Dependencies none
Official site of rlutil

Rlutil is a tiny C++ and C utility collection for cross-platform console roguelike development. It consists of mainly I/O functions that can be used to create pure console mode roguelikes (or other apps) that work on both Windows and Linux.

Main functionalities include colored output, keyboard input that doesn't require Return-keypresses and cursor manipulation. It also behaves nicely whether you use C++ or C - meaning that e.g. it automagically uses std::strings, streams and namespaces with C++.

WinAPI or ANSI escape codes are used depending on platform. Mac OSX compatibility needs testing and patches.

Example uses

Just by including rlutil.h instead of conio.h, kbhit() / getch() / gotoxy() based sources become usable on Linux.


   $ git clone git://github.com/tapio/rlutil.git