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(Blanked, as the developer's account on RogueBasin has been deleted, and the forum page that the idea was posted on is dead. There are no backups of this webpage, either.)
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{{game-talkie|name = RogueCraft
|developer = [[User:LordKaT|Jason Pullara]]
|theme = Fantasy
|influences = [[NetHack]], Minecraft, Diablo, Final Fantasy XI
|licensing = None at the moment.
|language = [[C]]/[[C++]]
|platforms = [[Windows]]
|interface = [[ASCII]], Keyboard
|length = Varied
|site =
'''RogueCraft''' is a roguelike thing, with multiple influences.
As hinted in the July 17th, 2012 release, RogueCraft has a story involving slaying the demons of hell and Satan.
Currently, no real gameplay elemnts exist, though the source code and game screen currently hint at a class based leveling system with crafting abilities.
The game is developed in a C-like C++ environment using SDL and libtcod, making it portable, though only a Windows version currently exists.

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