Roguelike Library For Perl

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Roguelike Library for Perl
Beta Project
Developer erik aronesty
Theme Any
Influences Crawl
Released n/a
Updated 2008-12-29
Licensing Open Source
P. Language perl
Platforms All
Interface ASCII, Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length n/a
Official site of Roguelike Library for Perl

Modular, easy to use Perl library for developing Roguelike Games. Still in pre-alpha, but useful if you're looking for info on console handling and line-of-sight in Perl.


The purpose of this library will be to provide cross-platform terminal, line of sight, and other basic management features for the perl roguelike developer.


Currently this library provides the following :

  • line of sight
  • shortest-path finding
  • autoexplore
  • mob (mobile creatures & characters) management
  • 2 kinds of map generation
  • mutliplayer terminal class library
  • support for curses, win32 console and ansi