Rot Magus

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Rot Magus
Developer Kosina Zoltan
Theme Fantasy
Influences Magus
Status Pre-Alpha
Released 2015 Jan 5
Updated 2015 Jan 5 (v0.3)
Licensing Free
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Windows, Linux, OSX
Interface OpenGL, Keyboard
Game Length 5 min.
Official site of Rot Magus


An HTML5 remake of Ronny Wester's Magus based on Ondrej Zara's rot.js.

Explore the forest, kill the monsters, gain xp by hitting and killing them, gain levels to get more health, and take some rest to regenerate.




  • Left click on terrain: move
  • Left click on the adventurer: rest
  • Left click on monster next to the adventurer: melee attack
  • Left click on monster far from the adventurer: ranged attack
  • Left click on item: select item to move or use
  • Left click on empty inventory cell: move selected item
  • Left click on selected item: use item


  • Double click on the bow and the arrow items to use ranged attack
  • When the arrows are depleted, double click on the dagger to gain more melee damage

Current features

  • 100*100 tile sized random generated forest
  • 5 different terrains, passable-transparent and solid
  • 5 different monsters, melee attackers, approaching on sight
  • 1 adventurer, gaining levels, regenerating
  • starting equipment
  • a couple of items on the ground
  • essential melee and ranged weapons

In development

  • infinite map with towns, inns, castles, mage towers, and roads between them, next to rivers, lakes, deserts, mountains, and hidden caves
  • 8 different adventurers, at least 32 different monsters
  • 90 different items, including ranged weapons, 7 armour types, and 31 magic spells
  • custom sized adventurer parties
  • original soundtracks