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{{game-alpha|name = Saffron
{{game-alpha|name = Saffron
|developer = [[Icey]]
|developer = [[Robson]]
|influences = Thief, Hitman, Splinter Cell
|influences = Thief, Hitman, Splinter Cell
|theme = [[Fantasy]]
|theme = [[Fantasy]]

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Alpha Project
Developer Robson
Theme Fantasy
Influences Thief, Hitman, Splinter Cell
Released 5 June 2007
Updated 20 Oct 2007 - v0.6
Licensing Open Source (GPL)
P. Language Visual Basic 6
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII / Graphical
Game Length Variable
Official site of Saffron

Saffron is a stealth puzzle roguelike. It is in the early stages of development, so should not be considered complete, bug-free or stable yet.

The player is a thief, who is given tasks by the Blackrock Thieves Guild. Every task is dangerous, so the player must use stealth, skill and gadgets to complete the objective and escape undetected.