Shiny Gauntlet

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Shiny Gauntlet
Developer Spritewrench
Theme Fantasy
Influences Binding of Isaac, nuclear throne
Status Release
Released October 1, 2015
Updated April 17, 2017 (v2.0.1)
Licensing -
P. Language HTML5
Platforms Windows, OSX, Linux
Interface Keyboard, Gamepad
Game Length ~
Official site of Shiny Gauntlet



Shiny Gauntlet is a Dungeon Hack n Slash, Bullet Hell, Rogue-Lite Adventure.

Select your champion and explore the Gauntlet. Collect weapons, enchanted rings, bottle and/or consume the mysterious remains of defeated foes, all the while chasing the Wily Cultist who has stolen your Shiny Shard!

Current Features

  • Procedural Generated Dungeon
  • Intricate Monster Drop / Bottling system.
  • Bottling monster drops give you access to powerful passive abilities
  • Eating monster drops restores your stamina and some grant effects!
  • 20 playable classes. Each with their own abilities and passives.
  • 83 enchanted rings to collect
  • 5 Artifacts that influence the difficulty of each run!


Keyboard & Game-Pad - customizable

default settings

  • WASD - to move (double tap in a direction to dash)
  • ARROW Keys - to attack
  • E - to swap weapon
  • R - Fuse weapons
  • SPACEBAR - special class ability


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