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Beta Project
Developer Derek
Theme Adventure/
Influences Indiana Jones, Nethack
Updated Dec 21 2008 (0.99.8)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Game Maker language
Game Length
Official site of Spelunky

Most often described as a mix between Nethack and La mulana ( A a side-scroller platform adventure game ), Spelunky is one of the few games that successfully puts Rougelike and Platformer together.

The main goal of the game is to get as much treasure as possible. This is usually found in the form of various things from chunks of gold and diamond, to rare and valuable artifacts. This treasure can then be used either to buy equipment or services at the various stores located throughout the levels, or kept to get a nice spot on the high-score list. On the hunt for treasure, one will encounter many perils in the forms of traps, monsters, and not-so-friendly terrain. Luckily, the Speleunker ( you ) can use many a handy tool. The two you'll be using most will be ropes and bombs. Ropes will let you climb up to high ledges which are normally unreachable, while the bombs will let you blast through walls and enemies.

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