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**Slide, bump, wiggle, etc.
**Slide, bump, wiggle, etc.
**mp3, ogg, wav, etc.
**Support for tile graphics alongside or in place of character display

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SquidLib is a Java library that provides a full featured toolbox for working with turn based games in Swing.

SquidLib is used for Wyrm and Epigon.

Current Features

  • Ease Of Use
    • Standard GUI notation of (x,y) locations within the grid.
    • Uses Swing
    • Any Font can be used
    • Specify Grid and Font size multiple ways
      • Set number of cells in the grid and Font to be used
        • Size of cell is adjusted to optimally fit the Font size given
      • Set size of the cell, number of cells in the grid, and Font to be used
        • Font is dynamically resized to fit optimally within the cell
    • Font size and style can be changed on the fly
    • Standard JComponent that meets JavaBean requirements for use with NetBeans built-in GUI Builder
    • Multiple grids of different configurations can be used simultaneously in the same display
  • Lots of Color
    • Foreground and Background can be set individually on a per-cell basis
    • SColor class extends Color and can be used as a drop-in replacement for any awt.Color needs
    • Over 500 named colors
    • Automatic color caching minimizes memory overhead
    • Can get a list of colors that are a gradient between two colors
    • Can perform LIBTCOD style "dark", "light", and "desaturate" commands on any color
    • Can get an arbitrary amount of blend between two colors
  • Full Featured API
    • Each named color has a sample of its appearance in the Javadoc against multiple backgrounds
      • HTML browsing of the API shows these samples
      • Pop-up javadoc in NetBeans and Eclipse show these samples
    • Demos of all functionality included
    • Demos of tying in to mouse and keyboard Swing events included
  • Math Toolkit
    • Custom extension of Random allows drop-in replacement with added features
    • Able to find Bresenham Line for 2D and 3D coordinates.

Features in Nightly Build

  • Animations
    • Slide, bump, wiggle, etc.
  • Graphics
    • Support for tile graphics alongside or in place of character display

GitHub repository: https://github.com/SquidPony/SquidLib

Blog updates: http://squidpony.com/not-games/squidlib/

Developed by Eben Howard

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