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|site = http://github.com/tome2/tome2
|site = http://github.com/tome2/tome2
'''Tales of Middle Earth''' (previously '''Troubles of Middle Earth''') is an [[Angband]] variant.
'''Tales of Middle Earth''' (previously '''Troubles of Middle Earth''', previously [[PernAngband]]) is an [[Angband]] variant.
==Related Links==
==Related Links==

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Tales of Middle Earth is an Angband variant

Tales of Middle Earth
Major Roguelike
Developer DarkGod
Theme Fantasy
Influences JRR Tolkien's Arda, Angband, ZAngband, PernAngband
Released 2000s
Updated 2008
Licensing See Angband
P. Language C
Platforms Unixes, DOS, Windows, Mac OS X, others.
Game Length
Official site of Tales of Middle Earth

Tales of Middle Earth (previously Troubles of Middle Earth, previously PernAngband) is an Angband variant.

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