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I wouldn't call "non-modal" a "high-value" feature. I don't think most people mind "entering" a shop (or into a conversation). One could argue that "targeting prompts" are modal. In which case nearly every RL violates this. Simul

I feel like model issue is important when considering the input/interface overall. A modal interface makes a lot of sense for a mobile roguelike (think iPhone/Android), where there is no hardware keyboard and limited screen real estate. Also, in the case of ASCII roguelikes, you could also say that interacting with your inventory is a model activity, as well. I suppose the idea is that, besides special cases like inventory/targetting, the "main interface" is non-modal. This is fair, I think. But (once again), in a mobile context, this wouldn't lead to the best UI for the platform, based upon my experiences in this space. Pfox 16:08, 17 May 2010 (UTC)