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Paprika v 0.1.5 bug report = it tends to crash very often and randomly, mainly when using the window's menu. (Runtime error 13: Type mismatch)

My pc: Windows XP. .NET Framework 2.0

- Crypt -

Hi Crypt, thanks for the bug report. Could you try out some things and answer some questions for me? Thanks in advance.
1. Could you take a look at your region settings (Control Panel > Regional and Language options) and let me know what language it's set to. I've had problems in the past where people use a different system and it causes type mismatch errors. For example, if their decimal system is like 56,99 (French) and mine is 56.99 (United Kingdom). I need to figure out a way to make my application work universally.
2. I've uploaded a new version (0.1.6) which has a few differences:
  • Increased debugging. If you click the debug menu item and then type "debug" at the prompt, debug mode will be enabled. It'll be a bit slower.
  • The new character window is no longer loaded in the background when clicking the "Windows" menu.
  • Removed the windows.ini file, which stores the position and size of windows.
  • Some other unrelated updates.
3. If you could try that out and let me know where it crashes, that would be very useful to me. It would be best if you extract everything to a new folder. When it crashes you can see the last messages in the log.txt file either in the same directory as the application or the /Save/Character Name/ directory if you were playing a game.
Paprika is written in Visual Basic 6, so doesn't use the .NET FrameWork. Thanks again. Icey 20:14, 26 Sep 2006 (CEST)
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