The Annual Roguelike Release Party

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The Annual Roguelike Release Party

Too many roguelikes can languish with half-fixed features. If we can, once a year, ensure our roguelikes are polished and updated, we can avoid this trap.

All active roguelike developers are encouraged to release an update to their roguelikes on the appropriate date in September.

A simultaneous release will:

  • provide moral support as we struggle with resurrecting code we left in an untenable state three months earlier
  • encourage developers to release at least yearly through the wonders of deadlines
  • celebrate the size and vibrancy of our community


  • Why September?

The ARRP date is set for the first sunday that is over 6 months after the 7DRL Challenge dead line.

  • Do I need to register/announce before the event?

Nope. While announcing your game before the date might put the pressure you need to get motivation, nothing keeps you from releasing out of the dark without any preliminary announce.

  • Can I release a game that has already been released?

Of course. The annual roguelike release party is about increasing the amount of roguelikes and improving the overall quality. You're strongly encouraged to upgrade your existing roguelikes at this occasion.

Event list

2010 ARRP