The Ruins of

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The Ruins of
Stable game
Developer Ben Hendel-Doying
Theme Pre-WWI adventuring archaeology
Influences Rogue
Released June 2009 (?)
Updated November 2012 (?)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
Platforms Browser
Interface Browser
Game Length ~1 month to play a single "life"
Official site of The Ruins of


The Ruins of is a browser-based roguelike set in the early 1900s, before WWI. You play as an adventuring archaeologist, traveling the world to explore excavations and uncover valuable treasures left behind by ancient civilizations. Of course, mythological monsters will often stand in your way (of course! :P)


  • Randomly-generated excavations (dungeons), treasures, equipment, and monsters.
  • A crisscrossing class path including Scientist, Mystic, Ranger, Argonaut... (for example, you could become an Adventurer, and then a Scoundrel, or a Trader, and then a Scoundrel; an Adventurer/Scoundrel will be very different from a Trader/Scoundrel, although they will both share defining features.)
    • Plus a handful of unlockable classes
  • Knowledge-based system (no stats like "strength", etc!) Many knowledges you choose as you level up; some are earned by in-game actions.
  • Contextual help
  • More-different combat:
    • You have a "stance", which besides coming with some passive bonuses, also enables (or disables) certain combat moves. For example, the attack "Recovering Blow" requires that you be in the Aggressive stance, and places you into the Defensive stance.
    • Most attacks miss, however when they do, they "fatigue" the opponent. The more fatigued a character or monster is, the more likely an attack will hit it, dealing damage to hit points. (Fatigue is easy to heal; hit points, less so.)
    • "Speed" of moves; if your opponent makes a very slow attack, you may be able to pull off several fast attacks before it moves again
  • After meeting some prerequisites (and acquiring a specific, unique treasure), you may reincarnate: play the game again from level one, keeping one of your knowledges from your past life.
  • Pets that level up with you; you choose the bonuses they provide (from a list depending on the pet's type).
  • Both game-and player-operated shops
  • An item-crafting system
    • Mine materials
    • Craft items from scratch
    • Disassemble/recombine items
    • Repair items
  • Achievements
  • In-site forums and messaging
  • Ranking tables
    • Compete with other players to reincarnate the fastest, with the fewest AP, with the fewest deaths, etc
  • Free to play, and always will be :)

Plans for the Future

  • Improved support for mobile and touch devices
  • Story-lines/quests for characters based on their "motivations" (and other details)
  • More monster graphics (several are still missing)
  • Guilds (player-run groups)
  • Whatever you and I can come up with!





Character Knowledges