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|language = C++
|language = C++
|platforms = [[Windows]],[[Linux]]
|platforms = [[Windows]],[[Linux]]
|site = http://roguecentral.eptalys.net/projects/the-cave
|site = http://roguecentral.org/doryen/libtcod/project2/?id=13
|licensing = BSD
|licensing = BSD
|interface = Keyboard + Mouse
|interface = Keyboard + Mouse

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The cave
Alpha Project
Developer jice
Released Sep 19, 2010 (0.0.1)
Licensing BSD
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows,Linux
Interface Keyboard + Mouse
Game Length <1 hour
Official site of The cave

My ARRP 2010 release. It’s another prototype to test various experimental gameplay mechanisms that might be included in Tcod.

Main features :

  • uses both square and non square fonts at the same time
  • real time water ripples
  • real time clouds
  • fish shoal AI
  • mouse controlled, drag'n drop UI