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{{gameinfo| name = Tower of Doom
#Redirect [[Warp Rogue]]
|developer = [[copx]]
|theme = Dark SF
|influences = [[Angband]]
|released = [[2004]]
|updated = [[2005]]
|status = [[Beta]] (v.0.4.1)
|language = [[C]]
|platforms = [[Windows]], [[DOS]], [[Linux]]
|site = http://todoom.sourceforge.net/
|licensing = [[Open Source]], [[Public Domain]]
|interface = [[ASCII]], [[Keyboard]]
== Description ==
''Tower of Doom'' is a traditional roguelike dungeon crawler with a dark futuristic fantasy theme and many unique features:
* Unique strong theme inspired by Warhammer 40.000. There is no out-of-theme content in the game and everything down to the game mechanics is designed to fit the theme. For example guns jam very often because technology is supposed to be unreliable.
* The rules of the game are based on pen and paper RPGs and use dice rolls so the player can easily calculate his chances of succeeding in an action for example.
* It is possible to talk with and recruit NPCs.
* Fate Points ("multiple lives" i.e. no more frustrating deaths just because you made one little mistake)
* more to come...
== See also ==
=== Related topics ===
* [[Beta projects]]
=== Related links ===
* [http://todoom.sourceforge.net/ ''Tower of Doom'' homepage]
* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/todoom ''Tower of Doom'' project page at sourceforge.net]
=== Reviews ===
See [[Tower of Doom:Reviews]]
[[Category:Beta projects]] [[Category:Futuristic roguelikes]]
[[Category:Roguelike games]]

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