Triangle Wizard

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Triangle Wizard
Stable game
Developer Wouter van den Wollenberg (
Theme D&D
Influences NetHack, Diablo
Released 27 Oct, 2008 (R 1.01)
Updated June 27, 2011 (R 10.03)
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language GML
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length 113 levels
Official site of Triangle Wizard

Triangle Wizard is a real-time roguelikelike (a game that is not quite a roguelike.) Creatures are still displayed by ASCII characters, but the spacial system is not grid-based, as with nearly all roguelikes. Aside from the primitive character display, the game has modern effects.

Triangle Wizard is a combination of hack-'n'-slash games like Diablo and NetHack, developed by Wouter van den Wollenberg. The goal of the game is defeating the Nameless One, an evil being who awaits you in his sanctuary deep below the Castle of Everdoom.

It still has a few roguelike features: the large selection of classes and races, the large amount of creatures, random dungeon generation, permadeath, etc. Like the major roguelikes, the player is almost completely at the mercy of the RNG.

Almost all information about creatures, traps, random level scripts and unique monsters is read from .ini files which can be easily modified to add new creatures or change existing ones.

Triangle Wizard has been updated a lot since the initial release over two years ago. It now also features a random item system, a random quest system, socketed items, and many new classes and spells.



The above (big) one is more recent than the other two. (Notice for example the difference in GUI).




Two trailers of the game can be found on YouTube:

  • [1] (most recent one)
  • [2] (pretty outdated)

Latest Major Update (R 10.03)

  • Fixed a few typos in death texts.
  • Added the Mechayon race.
  • Added the Djinn race.
  • Added a minor fix to the Cyclone Blast spell causing it now to correctly work with some projectile modifying scrips.
  • Modified the appearance of flying a tad.
  • Added an alternative ending complete with some new dungeon levels, creatures and a new final boss. It might take some tries to unlock it though. It increases the number of levels from 107 to 113.
  • Dread Touch disease can no longer lower spell storage below zero.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause sigil protectors to cast spells at insane levels.
  • Maevalin is now immune to the Charm and Anarchy spells.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bosses to try to melee you even though they shouldn't.