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Alpha Project
Developer RylandAlmanza
Theme Tziken
Released 5/25/2012
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Haskell
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Tiles
Game Length About the length of a Tziken from head to tail
Official site of Tziken


Tziken is a small roguelike where you play as a tziken. I haven't really thought about anything else. I don't know what the gameplay will be like, or what the goal will be. Right now, you can walk around and bump into walls. Often times, you spawn on walls and can't move. Tziken uses tiny 8x8 tiles made by me, RylandAlmanza, the colorblind kid. Source code is available at but it's very messy, as I just started learning Haskell, so I wouldn't recommend using it for anything.


Current features include:

More to come. :)




Current version is available here: This archive contains the windows and linux versions of the game, along with SDL.dll for windows users.