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* basic quest engine
* basic quest engine
* IronPython scripts support
* IronPython scripts support
A visitor to Bortz Health [url=http://www.inmassage.net/nanjing-Massage-Center.htm]Full Service in nanjing[/url]Care in Ypsilanti might see Tisha Moore carrying a bag that contains lavender-scented lotion and lip balm and a book featuring choir songs as she goes up to the facility's top floor. Moore stops to visit with some of the facility's patients. After knocking on the door and ensuring the occupant is awake and able to receive visitors, Moore enters, sometimes offering a hand massage or soothing singing. Or she will just sit by a bedside, offering a patient quiet company. Alan Warren, The Ann Arbor News Volunteer Tisha Moore at The Residence at Arbor Hospice in Ann Arbor.Moore is a volunteer of Arbor Hospice, which welcomes patients who expect they have six months or less to live. Knowing this neither depresses Moore nor deters her from volunteering. While the death of a patient who has become a friend is a sad event, Moore finds volunteering inspiring. "I think Tisha, in particular, is very good at putting everything else away and just really being there in the moment with the person," said Sherry Wagenknecht, volunteer coordinator of Arbor Hospice. At times, Moore has been called by Arbor Hospice to sit with a patient in the hospice's Vigil Care program, which ensures patients who are a few hours away from death that they will not be alone even if family or friends are unavailable. Sometimes volunteers of the program sit with patients and their families because a relative is available but fears being alone [url=http://www.inmassage.net/nanjing-Massage-Center.htm]Full Massage nanjing[/url] after a loved one dies
* Skill system
Coming in next version:
* new overland map, new dungeons
* spells
* new monsters and items

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Alpha Project
Developer Pirx
Theme fantasy
Influences Rage of mages I and II, Adom
Released 19 Jun 2009
Updated 24 July 2009 (
Licensing Freeware(maybe open source later)
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows maybe linux later
Interface Ascii
Game Length
Official site of URRogue

Already implemented:

  • persistent dungeons fixed or random generated
  • random monsters, items, shops, maps generation
  • fallout like dialogs
  • basic quest engine
  • IronPython scripts support
  • Skill system

Coming in next version:

  • new overland map, new dungeons
  • spells
  • new monsters and items