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Ultima Ratio Regum
Alpha Project
Developer Mark Johnson
Theme Strategy Games
Influences ADOM, Dwarf Fortress
Released ~Summer 2012 (alpha)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Ultima Ratio Regum


Ultima Ratio Regum is a middle-ground between roguelikes, RPGs and strategy games. It has no fantasy elements and seeks instead to be closer to a realistic history simulator, and a strategy/4x game which just happens to be in ASCII. Combat is rare and deadly - whilst these mechanics are modeled in detail, exploration, trade and diplomacy factors will have just as much effort put into them.

A randomly generated map; climates, mountains, rivers, oceans, volcanoes...


4/16 skill trees.


URR aims to eventually be a fusion of roguelike and strategy two genres - rather than a strategy game where you command with omniscience (even in ancient eras), you instead command as an individual character also in the game. Orders must be issued in person; you can lose contact with distant armies; but the same mechanics affect the AI players who also lack omniscience and depend upon the knowledge of situations they themselves can garner. Worlds can be generated over a vast array of sizes, climates and types, but all ultimately with no fixed objective but a world full of civilizations and factions to be allied with or battled against. It aims for depth in character development and world events, but with much in the 'middle' - constructing buildings, city growth, resource management - abstracted out (as other games exist which handle those well). Political and social dynamics will be modeled via a complex system that aims to generate both a history for the world, and the current state of political affairs when your game begins.

Minimap showing the world map, and the height map.


Wandering around the world...


Read the blog, join the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/UltimaRatioRegumRoguelike), the mailing list (send me an email at mark at ultimaratioregum co uk letting me know you’d like to be added to the list. I won’t share your address with anyone else – I don’t know anyone else), or follow the game’s twitter at UltimaRegum (https://twitter.com/UltimaRegum) and be notified the moment the demo appears! You’ll also be updated on blog entries, development ideas, and various other things too. It has now been released – check out the Downloads page for more info (http://www.ultimaratioregum.co.uk/game/downloads/).

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