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== Download ==
== Download ==

Done during [[7DRL Challenge 2017]], v 0.9 available on https://jan-rl.itch.io/unlichtwesen
Done during [[7DRL Challenge 2017]], v 0.9b available on https://jan-rl.itch.io/unlichtwesen


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Developer Jan
Theme Fantasy
Influences Brogue
Released 2017 March 11 (0.9)
Updated 2017 March 13 (0.9b)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 1 h
Official site of Unlichtwesen

Unlichtwesen is a coffeebreak roguelike

Welcome to Unlichtwesen ('dark creatures'), a roguelike game developed with libtcod and bearlibterminal in python.

The Game

Unlichtwesen is about you fighting demons in turn-based battles.

Choose your weapons and face procedurally generated demons 1on1. Take care about their patterns and strike in the right moment.



  • Four different weapons with two attack modes each
  • Myriads of demons with unique combinations of features and movesets
  • 1on1 turn-based positional battles
  • Timing is key
  • Training area

Defeat 10 demons to win the game, trade demon-files with your friends to compete.


Done during 7DRL Challenge 2017, v 0.9b available on https://jan-rl.itch.io/unlichtwesen