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This is a page for an upcoming DOS color ascii game called EZ-Rogue. Is is being developed in Freebasic 0.21.

--Bulrush 23:09, 3 November 2010 (UTC)

There will be no attacks that will damage armor, weapons, or anything else. Otherwise it will be similar to Angband or Nethack. But since I didn't base it on Nethack or Angband code, I am not naming it *hack or *band.

Current Features


  • Player generation (basic), 1 race (human), 1 class (fighter)
  • Player movement in a test dungeon
  • Player attacks monsters, monsters attack players, giving player xp.
  • Generation of random gold and picking up gold.
  • INI file holds many values the user can change, like percent chance for gold to be on a dungeon square, percent for a weapon to be magical, base AC, etc.
  • A few test monsters in a text file. User can edit most monster data, including type and chance of treasure.
  • A few test weapons in a text file. User can edit most weapon data.