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This is a page for an upcoming DOS color ascii game called EZ-Rogue. Is is being developed in Freebasic 0.21.

--Bulrush 23:09, 3 November 2010 (UTC)

There will be no attacks that will damage armor, weapons, or anything else. Otherwise it will be similar to Angband or Nethack. But since I didn't base it on Nethack or Angband code, I am not naming it *hack or *band. There will be a text file for configuring values global to the game, and monster and item files will also be text.

Current Features

v.03 Nov 2010

  • Player generation (basic), 1 race (human), 1 class (fighter)
  • Save game file (text).
  • Read monster.txt, weapon.txt and rl.ini files.
  • Player movement in a test dungeon
  • Player attacks monsters, monsters attack players, giving player xp. Monsters attack but don't move.
  • Generation of random gold and picking up gold.
  • Generation of random monsters with possible gold.
  • Monster generation is weighted towards current dungeon level, but there's a small chance higher level monsters may appear here.
  • INI file holds many global game values the user can change, like percent chance for gold to be on a dungeon square, percent for a weapon to be magical, player base AC, character to use for wall, floor, and their color, turns to heal 1 point, etc.
  • A few test monsters in a text file. User can edit most monster data, including type and chance of treasure.
  • A few test weapons in a text file. User can edit most weapon data.
  • Max 100 living monsters in dungeon at once, 100 different monsters per dungeon level in monster file.
  • Auto-heal working. Your CONstitution now contributes more points to heal each time you heal up over time. Very helpful when player is low level, but does not imbalance the game at higher player levels.


  • Load game file.
  • Monster AI and movement.
  • Line of sight (LOS) and lighting.
  • Auto dungeon generation.
  • Generate random weapons on floor. Pickup weapons.
  • Equipment list screen and manipulation.