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== Completed Games ==
== Completed Games ==
* [[Robobot]] - [http://isharacomix.com/fp-content/attachs/RoboBot.zip Download Link]
* [[Robobot]] - [http://isharacomix.com/downloads/src_marlin_robobot.zip Download Link]
* [[HackOfLife]] - [http://isharacomix.com/static.php?page=game_hackoflife Project Page]
* [[HackOfLife]] - [http://isharacomix.com/downloads/project_hackoflife.html Project Page]

== Medals ==
== Medals ==

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Barry Peddycord
Alias IsharaComix
Projects Marlin
Games Robobot, HackOfLife
Nationality American
P. Languages C, Python
Official site of Barry Peddycord


A follower of RogueLike games and culture since 2009, Barry has two completed games under his belt, both of which are 7DRLs. His first completed RL was Robobot, which was written for the 7DRL Contest 2010.

Favorite RLs

Completed Games