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Zurn created [[DungeonRL]] for the [[7DRL Contest 2011]].
[[DungeonRL]] for the [[7DRL Contest 2011]].

Zurn created [[Locks]] for the [[7DRL Contest 2012]].
[[Locks]] for the [[7DRL Contest 2012]].
[[Return to the Dungeons of Doom]]

== Medals ==
== Medals ==
'''7DRL Challenges'''
'''7DRL Challenges'''
  http://www.roguetemple.com/medals/Medal_7DRL_2011_s.png http://roguetemple.com/medals/Medal_7DRL_2012_s.png

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Jacob Sadow-Reinshagen
Alias Zurn
Projects https://github.com/zurn/
Games DungeonRL, Locks
Nationality American
P. Languages c++
Official site of Jacob Sadow-Reinshagen


DungeonRL for the 7DRL Contest 2011.

Locks for the 7DRL Contest 2012.

Return to the Dungeons of Doom


7DRL Challenges

Medal_7DRL_2011_s.png Medal_7DRL_2012_s.png