Virtual Console OS

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Virtual Console OS
Alpha Project
Developer Ainis Skominas
Theme Action, Adventure
Influences Text Based Games
Released January 21st, 2013
Updated January 21th, 2013
Licensing Open Source, Free to Use
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows executable
Interface Keyboard
Game Length 1 minute for now
Official site of Virtual Console OS

Virtual Console OS is a program that have internal programs. But it is not a real one os. It is just a simple program that have subprograms (programs, games, roguelike games!). So that's why i named it Virtual Console OS.

Learn more about the program here!


  • Calculator (With original idea)
  • Guess The Number Game
  • Fancy Menu

Coming Soon:

  • Decide Or Die (Roguelike game)
  • Calculator 1.01 (Now you can calculate RectangleArea easily)
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