With Hooves of Fire

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With Hooves of Fire
Developer Chao
Theme Steppe
Influences -
Released Mar 07, 2020
Updated Mar 07, 2020
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language LÖVE
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac
Interface Keyboard & Mouse
Game Length 10 min
Official site of With Hooves of Fire

With Hooves of Fire is made for 7DRL Challenge 2020 by Reuben Covington and Andrew Wilson.

A roguelike where you ride a horse, with a thickly applied East Asian Aesthetic. Ride your noble steed through the infinite steppe as you embark on a journey to save your clan.



  • Your lance is a powerful weapon but slows you down when it slays opponents. Keep this in mind when charging into large crowds.
  • Enemy lances are an instant kill, avoid them.
  • The pink enemies are messengers, if they make it off screen they will call cavalry to assist them. Make sure they do not escape.
  • Use your sword to slash at your opponents when they aren't in your direct path.
  • Enemy camps come stocked with spare arrows and medical supplies.
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