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Xenocide is a futuristic roguelike developed by Jakub Debski since 2002.


Tower of Doom is based on a futuristic and horror theme, where the player must try and survive while fighting his way through waves of human, alien, and robotic foes.

Xenocide has, amongst its various features:

  • A simple character creation system (for now)
  • Permadeath
  • Persistent levels
  • Combat that relies heavily on the use of tactics, guns and devices
  • An assortment of various pills (like potions in other games) and tools
  • Unique level design algorithms that give each area its own distinct flavour (i.e. the levels onboard the space shuttle are vastly different from the levels in the mines)
  • The ability for the player to build his own army of robots from spare parts
  • The ability to splice the player's DNA with enemy DNA
  • A single boss monster at the end of one of the areas

Xenocide is also planned to have, sometime in the future:

  • More items, weapons, armours and monsters
  • Boss monsters at the end of most game areas
  • Some multiple tile monsters
  • An actual ending whereby the player can beat the game
  • Energy weapons and flamethrowers

Versions and platforms

Xenocide is currently in the beta stages of development, and is very much alive. Latest version was released on October 19, 2004. Xenocide is available for Dos, Linux and Windows.

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