Zoo Base

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Zoo Base
Alpha Project
Developer Gnovahex
Theme Absurd-Science-Fiction
Influences Star Zoo
Released 2013
Updated December 2, 2013 (v1.9)
P. Language [C
Platforms Windows, *nix, Mac
Interface terminal
Game Length
Official site of Zoo Base


Zoo Base is a the spiritual sequel to Star Zoo(2002) developed by Tarn Adams of Bay12 Games. The game takes place years following the events that occur at the ending of Star Zoo. Dr. Kozmo is tasked with creating a suitable habitat for displaced alien species. however, underfunded and overworked the frustrated doctor begins to question his morals and the viability of his research. This leads to conflict and an inevitable backlash both politically and locally.

Zoo Base 1.9 (current)


[+] Stabilized a buggy main menu screen. [+] Added the K-12 launch "rocket". [+] Stripped the side interface to make sense for an ASCII game. [+] Balanced variables containing Zoo Base stats. [+] Edited and added more dialogue to the text-based portion. [+] To Do: (Zoo Base 1.18)

[-] Add more space battles/mini-games. [-] Polish space battles/mini-games. [-] Fine tune random events. [-] Implement mutiny. [-] Add ascii "smoke" physics. [-] Test parser. [-] Distribute build

To Do: (Zoo Base 1.22)

[-] Add Multiplayer. [-] Port to Mac. [-] Test platforms for text-mode adaptations (CGA/EGA/MDA/VGA)

To Do: (Zoo Base 2.0)

[-] Port to Android.

Current Developer(s):

Chris LeJohn - Programming