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Alpha Project
Developer Fabio Ticconi
Theme Survival, Simulation
Influences UnReal World, Wayward
Released 0.1.0 (2017)
Updated 2017
Licensing Freeware, Open source - AGPL3
P. Language Java
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface AsciiPanel
Game Length
Official site of AloneRL

AloneRL is a roguelike by Fabio Ticconi written in Java using AsciiPanel and artemis-odb (an efficient ECS implementation).

You are alone, in an island with its own ecology. You must eat, drink and keep warm. You must escape predators and find something to eat (can you steal a corpse from that pack of wolves?). Your physical inferiority requires you to use your brain: build weapons from stone and wood, make a shelter and go hunting.

Its main inspiration is from Unreal World and Wayward, with a much simpler gameplay.

Current Features

  • Both real-time and "pseudo turn-based" supported
  • Utility AI: each creature has its own set of behaviours and evaluates them all at every tick, then chooses the most appropriate.
    • herbivores flee from predators and graze on grass
    • predators chase herbivores, kill them and eat their corpses
    • some animals live in groups/packs, some are solitary
    • fish behave a little bit different: they flee from anything entering water and doing some action, and are very fast in water
  • Hunger, stamina and health (thirst will come soon)
  • Simple character definition, using three physical stats that are combined to produce most other stats, eg speed or size:
    • Strength: increases damage, speed and size
    • Constitution: increases health, stamina and size, decreases speed
    • Agility: increases speed and hit chance, decreases size
  • Can throw weapons
  • Cutting weapons can be used to drop trees and craft things. Blunt weapons are needed to crush big boulders and make rocks out of them.

Planned for 1.0.0

  • Crafting: what can be expected in a sort of Neolithic setting, eg stone knife/axe/hammer, bark/hide armour, shelter
  • Proper GUI, since right now it's only the view panel essentially
  • World randomisation at startup, as well as saving and loading games
  • A lot more data-driven stuff. Right now a few things (eg, animal stats) can be specified via YAML files, but it's too little.