Into the Dungeon ++

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Into the Dungeon ++
Beta Project
Developer 7h30n (programming)

Foox (music&sound) Psiweapon (pixel art)

Theme Fantasy
Influences Diablo, 100 Rogues, Rogue
Released 2011 Sep 18 (2011 ARRP)
Updated 2014 Oct 22
Licensing Open Source, GPL, Freeware
P. Language Cpp, API used: SDL
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface graphical tiles, mouse and keyboard
Game Length medium
Official site of Into the Dungeon ++

Into the Dungeon ++ is a coffeebreak roguelike


The goal of the project is to provide a roguelike gaming experience with simple mechanics and stats, but with an atmosphere and a higher than average focus on aesthetics.

Main Features

  • Animated sprites.
  • A well-developed original soundtrack.
  • Multiple-tile bosses.
  • A moral choices storyline (to be implemented).



As turns pass, the player becomes more corrupted by the dungeon's evilness. This is represented by a candle in the GUI - the shorter the candle, the closer to death the player is. Corruption is only staved off by going down a dungeon level.

Greed for Loot

The player can see items, but not monsters, through the Fog of War. Your candle is almost out. Will you make a hasty exit to the next level, or will you try and grab that piece of armor a room away?


Inventory space is more limited than what's usual in roguelike games, and equipped items still take up space in the inventory, forcing the player to discard the less useful items. In contrast, scrolls have their own separate inventory.

Trimmed down identification

Equipment needs to be identified in order to know it's exact stats, or whether it's cursed or not, but item appearances are not randomized and readily recognizable.

Numbered targets

When choosing a target (I.e.: a monster for an offensive scroll, or an item from the inventory to be dropped), rather than using fixed letters for each item, each potential target in the list is assigned a number.


  • New monster in action - Thunderbird


  • New toggle-able Stat Sheet and performance improved Inventory


  • New prompt windows and item selection highlights for improved interface