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Name:  IRDC
Time:  Saturday, September 20.
Place: Berlin, Germany
Chat:  IRC: QuakeNet #rgrd
People: 9
Developers discuss their interpretations of what a roguelike is, leading to the Berlin Interpretation
Developers discuss their interpretations of what a roguelike is, leading to the Berlin Interpretation

The International Roguelike Development Conference IRDC 2008 was the first IRDC.

Initially conceived as a rgrd meeting, the name IRDC was adopted at this conference.

Discussions during IRDC 2018 led to the creation of the Berlin Interpretation


  • "Stealth and Facing in Roguelikes" -- Ido Yehieli (aka Joe6pack)
  • "Batteries included - introduction to writing your game in Python" -- Radomir Dopieralski (aka The Sheep)
  • "Context and Meaning in character-based roleplaying. A communication scientist's view on roguelikes" -- Mario Donick
  • "The Discretization of Space and Time: Role in Roguelike Design" -- Jeff Lait

All presentations are available on YouTube:


Selected Venue

Oranienburger Strasse 54, 10117 Berlin (Mitte) (google maps)

The bootlab is part of the 'Kunsthaus Tacheles':

Venue Selection Process

Berlin, Germany was selected as a place for the venue, after considering the following places:

  • Berlin, Germany (9 votes)
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA (2 votes)
  • Cracow, Poland (1 vote)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (1 vote)
  • Santiago de Compostela, Spain (1 vote)

Inside Berlin, the following venues were considered

Name of the event =

The following names were considered, with IRDC 2008 being selected as a winner:

  • IRDC 2008 - International Roguelike Development Conference 2008 (3 votes)
  • TRICoRD - Tailoring Roguelikes: International Conference on Roguelike Development (0 votes)
  • SARGE - Society for the Advancement of Roguelike Games and Endeavors (0 votes)
  • AMPHORA - A Multinational Populace Helping to Orchestrate Roguelike Awareness (0 votes)
  • DUPRE - Developer's Union for the Promotion of Roguelike Endeavors (0 votes)


Back in 2008, Roguebasin was used to coordinate the meeting; for historical purposes that content has been moved to IRDC 2008 Planning