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The memory real-mode/protected-mode is not really tied to DOS, but to the mode in which the processor is working. You can have DOS programs working in protected mode, as well as some operating systems (like CP/M?) working in real-mode.

That doesn't change the fact that when you write for DOS and want to run on every computer that runs DOS, you have to support the 8088 and 80286.

Isn't this page about maximal portability? Don't assume all the world's a Pentium.

The crime isn't assuming all the world is a pentium. It is assuming all the world is a 386 or higher.

Of course, if you are doing any real floating point in your roguelike, you may be unhappy with the performance on 386's that lack the 387 coprocessor...

I'm not assuming anything about processor. What I'm saying is that the memory problem is connected with the hardware, not the operating system. It has nothing to do with the DOS. It's just the way the hardware works. It works the same under other operating systems on the same hardware. It's not OS-specific. It's portability to hardware, not portability to OS -- The Sheep

That's true, but DOS is really the only OS that anyone ever runs on those older systems. Every other interesting OS requires at least a 386 and goes into protected mode on startup, so that application programmers never have to worry if that's available.

Windows boots even when there's no keyboard connected. Does it means that to be portable under windows you've got to make your game playable without keyboard? There are many systems that will run on 086 and 286. There's even a version of hacked linux kernel that will do it. I know, I've been using at least 4 different operating systems on my XT several years ago. Take another exmaple. Linux has it's versions for Alpha and Sparc. Does that mean that to be portable to Linux your game has to support those platforms? You're mixing hardware requirements and operating system compatibility. They are not the same.

I'd like to make a small note encouraging potential roguelike authors to consider two traditional roguelike properties (one might even say values), that is source availability, and portability, which kind of go hand in hand. I have this suspicion, driven by the nature of newly released roguelikes, that new roguelike authors for some reason are either unaware of these ideas, or deciding that portability and/or source availability are just not important for their program. This largely of course comes from early roguelikes coming from a Unix heritage, while modern roguelikes are typically developed on Windows for a single architecture audience. Personally I find it a shame when programs that could so easily be portable are not, and moreover are not set up so that I can port them. I have no idea where, if anywhere, would be an appropriate location in this wiki to mention or footnote such ideas. Suggestions? JoshuaRodman 05:47, 21 May 2006 (CEST)

I cannot think of a good location either. I think this is an issue that should be discussed in the roguelike development newsgroup.. --Copx 09:59, 23 May 2006 (CEST)

It still would be useful to put something to state the advantages and disadvantages of open source on this Wiki? I just recently was chastised for being too lazy to open source POWDER. And I understand Joshua's concern - not just about portability, but survivability. If only exes are available, it is much harder to ensure the roguelike will survive the author growing bored. --JeffLait 18:11, 23 May 2006 (CEST)