2DRL in 2K

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2DRL in 2K
Developer Steven Fuerst
Released 2006
P. Language C
Platforms Windows, source
Game Length
Official site of 2DRL in 2K


2DRL in 2K is a 7DRL written by Steven Fuerst for 7DRL Contest 2006. It sticks to all rules of contest but author decided to have extra challenge by placing requirement that the source code is equal or less than 2KB in size.


First version used Ncurses and had a total of 1976 bytes of C source code.

Later, there was second version with 9 monsters and several new features. Unfortunately, there was a bug preventing compilation. A third release swiftly followed which was exactly 2048 bytes in size.

Finally, Jakub Debski compiled the game for Windows. Source code is also contained within the archive.

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