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The 2014 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invites developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. It was held 8th to 16th March. 132 challengers were successful!


  • Registration - Registration page for the event, with all entries listed.
  • Mailing list sign-up to receive important news and updates
  • 7drl.org — A community blog for the 7DRL Challenge, with many screenshots and posts of the games involved.
  • Rogue Temple forums, for general roguelike-y discussion
  • RGRD irc channel, where a lot of the participants hang out during the challenge.
  • Roguelike Radio podcast episodes relating to the 7DRL Challenge
  • Videos! GameHunter will be Let's Playing all this year's 7DRLs!

Competition tags

On Wordpress, use the tag 7DRL 2014 for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, use the hashtag #7DRL for your competition related status updates.

Success (125)

This list is sorted by average rating from the evaluation committee

  • VARIABLO by Rat King
  • TraumaRL by flend (and ShroomArts)
  • DataQueen by Darren Grey
  • The Hunt by winner
  • Succession by Adam Perry
  • Android <3 Kitty by Andrew Wright
  • Dungeon Dual 2014 by Todd Page
  • Goldfish by Ondras
  • Ragtag by Magma Fortress
  • Rogue Station by P?l Trefall and Kenneth Gangst?
  • Dice Mines by Trystan Spangler
  • Down Below by Konstantin Stupnik aka Xecutor
  • Find Yer Treasure! by Gary Boyd
  • Golden Krone Hotel by Jere
  • Lava Walker by StormAlligator Games & Pixelatedcrown
  • Wild West Roguelike by Lovepreet
  • Assault Fish by Eben Howard
  • Impera by Elliot Bonneville
  • Trinkets by Geek of Geek And Dad
  • Sucker by graspee
  • Here Be Dragons by Watabou
  • Knight by Derrick Creamer
  • Beware of Strange Warp Points by Ed Kolis
  • Hellspace by Numeron
  • Kunoichi by Kevin Harris
  • Towers of Trial by RedMike & Torvik
  • favrl by Norgg
  • horddays by koiwai
  • Saligia by 5k17
  • Power Grounds by Diego Cathalifaud
  • The Littlest Princess by Jo
  • Tales of the Adventuring Company by @slothwerks
  • The Mana Well by rot13
  • The Smith's Hand by Jeff Lait
  • Blackguard by Joshua Hansen
  • Fida'i by Pat Wilson
  • Mountain of the Gods by Skyler Colladay
  • Peasant Simulator by Will Coster
  • rgb by Bovard Tiberi and Ambrose McJunkin
  • Voronoiance by Daniel Slaney
  • Golem Quest by Tapio
  • LanternRun by Binary Gambit
  • Tox by Daan van Yperen & Flaterectomy
  • Cyber Phreak by Camden Segal
  • cyberdekay by Mark Wonnacott
  • Loot Rogue by Daniel Trewin
  • Anti-deratization by Tom Kunikowski
  • Creek Hero by MagmaCrab
  • the deadly four by kyle
  • Coffin Crooks by Found Time Games
  • FarmingRL by horaguchi
  • HvZ by Micah Workman
  • Obumbrata et Velata by Martin Read
  • R.U.S.T. by virtualtoy
  • The Tablet of Ananias by Slash
  • plato rogue by kuniqs
  • Crime Central by Worthless Bums
  • FlappyRL by Matt Cooper
  • Good Game by rubybliels
  • Unearthly Ichor by Sanojian
  • IX by Dom Crayford
  • KRAXLN by Arnold from Tinytouchtales, Thomas Wellmann and Leon Purviance
  • Northbound by skeeto & netguy204
  • Mysterious Space by Ben Hendel-Doying
  • ZERO ZERO PROJECTOR by jonathan brodsky
  • Terminal Run by Lizzip / MagicSheepGames
  • Lyon's Den by Lyon
  • OL Rogue by Legend of Angband
  • Princess Rescue 2014 7drl by cky711
  • atomic goblin epidemic by fournm
  • Like A Rogue 2 by Launch When Ready
  • Sand Dune Monster by Henron
  • Powerslave by jfroco
  • Cyber Ships by Louis Denizet
  • Monstrous Times by Rene Hangstrup M?ller
  • The Curse of Midas by Gerry Quinn
  • The Girl Who Played With The Dragons Nest by Jaldhar Vyas
  • firstrl by kiskami
  • Shit Crimson by ArchBang
  • ElvinRL by Patrick Meade
  • Ironwood by Peter Harkins
  • Atarowg by theloon
  • Zombie Tactics by John Watson
  • Card Bard by @nik_sg
  • Something Something Office Rampage by Df458
  • ColourBlind by Luke O'Connor
  • Fragility by Vedor
  • h@ckeRL by sntran
  • Colorshift by Perry Johnson
  • fivepm by Xik
  • Rogue Pachinko by DDD wares
  • Rushan grows stronger by stof and miguel
  • Salvage by Stewsters
  • Quake RL by Marlus Cadanus da Costa & Murilo Cadanus da Costa & Danny Grein
  • Commission Impossible by Jacob White
  • Luck of the Draw by Chocolate Factory
  • Morlock Hunter by Risto Saarelma
  • Third Planet by blockerz
  • Brace for Impact by Mike Trupkin
  • The Way of The Warrior (working name: Stubborn Warriors) by Serge Zaitsev (trikita)
  • Tower of Friendship by Ivy Edwards
  • DartRL by Mathias Myrland
  • 7DArrrL by Paul Jeffries
  • KKDKDLRL by 2 Brothers + an artist
  • SoulsRL by pangaea
  • MOV [title] \"Cyber\" JMP Quest by Badscribbler
  • Legend of Tower by Adam J. Piskel & Michael Vaganov
  • Colosseum of Rogues (COMPLETE!) by Deepshock
  • Shaken, not stirred by Karri Kaksonen
  • Space Junk Settler by Patrick Reece
  • Shrapnels by gnsh
  • Transplant by ktch
  • Procedural Death Splatter by steev
  • The Shroom Z by Gadget Games
  • The Worst Archaeologist in the World by David Proctor
  • Yokai by Arnaud DE BOCK
  • Airship Dragoon Rogue by Steve_Yorkshire
  • Escape from the Memory Canyons by Ian Wagner
  • Prescience by Benn Powell
  • Runic Ruins by BtpPrograms
  • The Boss Might Be a Dragon by Boolean isDragon Studios
  • APEX - Alien Pest Exterminator by SIJO Studios
  • Blitz it up! by Peaxel Games
  • Goblin Hunt by A. Dude
  • Rift-RL by Terkala


Scores and review comments for all games are available on http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2014/.


Medal_7DRL_2014_s.png [1]

Winners may proudly display the medal on their homepage or their RogueBasin user pages. Failures may only look on with envy...