7DRL Challenge 2016

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The 2016 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invited developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. It was be held 5th to 13th March 2016, with players choosing a 7-day window within those dates.


Competition tags

On Wordpress, the tag 7DRL 2016 was used for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, the hashtag #7DRL was used for competition related status updates.

Finished Entries

Sorted by average rating from the review committee

  • Force of Nature by Evgenii Petrov
  • Cambium by thp
  • Long dark dark night by kipar
  • The Mind Eater by thatdarnedbob
  • The Only Shadow That the Desert Knows by jere
  • The Trapped Heart by Darren Grey
  • cr@sh by Ross Pinkstaff
  • A Roguelike Where You Dodge Projectiles by Travis Moy
  • Becoming Northerly by flend
  • Switch Hook by Oleg Dolya
  • Billiard Dungeon by pkenney
  • Quaestum Facere by Philip Collin
  • Arachne by Paul Jeffries
  • Cult by Numeron
  • Helix by Brett Gildersleeve (TheSleeve)
  • WRAITH by Daniel Trewin
  • Darkyr by P?l Trefall (code), Sebastian Boutin Blomfield (code), Bill Lowe (art), Ian Buckley (sound), Maurizio Scuiar (code), Gavin Philips (writing), Petur Agust (art)
  • Beyaz Dag by Naburimannu
  • Six Two One by Jeff Lait
  • Skeleton Crew by Stephen Sherratt
  • MagicianRL by DeabDev
  • My pet is a rogue?! by danbrani
  • No Crypto For Old Men by LoneSpelunker
  • Rogue Kudzu by Edwin DeNicholas
  • Schildkrötenformation by Verena, Ludwig, Georg, Kanu
  • Seek and you shall find by Tilded
  • Small World by Andrés Cathalifaud
  • The Prancing Bard by Jan
  • ThiefRL2 by James McNeill
  • ArtemisRL by Thom Robertson
  • Bisbee's Escape by Matt Walsh
  • Crowd Eraser by mr. a
  • Lotus, a town for rogues by Andrew Wright (@roocey)
  • Mad Maximillian's Codpiece by Roni Saari
  • Metamorph by Junber
  • Mythical Jetpack Journey by Geff Bourke
  • Some Dogs Go To Hell by /u/TOASTEngineer
  • Timegame by Derrick Creamer
  • Adventure Marsh by diego
  • AutoFire by Patrick Lipo
  • Café Havoc by Ondras
  • Chronomaniac by Elliot Bonneville
  • Night Terrors by Dan Clark (High Sodium Games)
  • Snial Trial by Maurog
  • Spice Digger by Alexander Shen
  • Thrust Vector Delta by Mark Knewstubb
  • Tiny Tale by dbrabera
  • Uncontrolled Doppleganger by Jose Gallardo
  • Dungeon Racer by Gamepopper
  • Dungeons of cards by Trystan Spangler
  • Fantastic Dungeons by Tapio
  • Hook & Shield by Tinytouchtales
  • Tomb of RNGesus by Bunnyhop Games
  • 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid RL by rubybliels
  • Ancient Legends by Toni 'Viila' Ylisirniö
  • Andromeda Divided by 0x0961h
  • Camp Perdido by Oscar Morales
  • Coming of Age by CrazyMLC
  • Pixland by Luca Giacometti
  • Skater by graspee
  • Sporaculous by v4nz666 (Jeff Ripley)
  • Star Squadron Commander by Ibology
  • 12Down by Akhier Dragonheart
  • Arcana Command by Geek of Geek and Dad
  • Dice Dungeon. by Luna Indigo Studio
  • Don't Go Out The Airlock! by David York
  • Fehlfunktion by purestrain
  • Hanafuda Kenshi by char68 (@therealchar68)
  • NetRogue by Matthew Pfeiffer + Srinivas Kaza
  • RAID: Rogue AI Dungeon by Bovard, Chris, Ambrose, Raphael
  • Rise of Kramora by Slash
  • Thoodiam by theq629
  • Dungeon Bard Ascii by dungeonbard
  • Temple of Anguish by @eyuzwa
  • supercold by Michal Brzozowski
  • American Ball Hog or Landon's Last Run by Max Clark
  • Doomed Looters by Marco Giorgini
  • Iron Honx by Blendo Games
  • Leaves Underfoot by Phil Cooper
  • Rogue with Purple Heart by Ved
  • The Hunger by DangerMomentum
  • Aim - Shoot - Repeat by mojo
  • Glub: The Underwater Roguelike by Fang
  • Systems Initialized 7DRL by Renaud D Marshall
  • Fogward by headchant
  • Cash Castle by Ashley Pringle
  • Hordelike by horaguchi
  • Rogmind by hi/winner
  • BYGR by Dom Crayford
  • Euclid's Peril by Dave H and Tyler H
  • Exploring The Bleak by Nathaniel Inman
  • Mortuus insula by Smoke Fumus
  • Rogue Alpha by Michael Trupkin
  • Abhorrent Swordmelting by dissensiondev
  • ZEALOT by Dan Mc Grath/Tooth and Claw Games
  • 100 Campfires by Mathias Myrland
  • BatStick: The Saga - First Tale by Fenreliania
  • Before Dawn by jheard901
  • Kill of Goblins by exilegl
  • Mosi-oa-Tunya by fritzvd
  • Push ON by Ryan Bone
  • S-expr Killer by Alex Mercader
  • Synergy Rogue by iwiws
  • Alligator Survival by schemesmith
  • Violation: Escape by Max Philippov
  • Amalgam by Interfect
  • Void Dungeon by LittleBear101
  • YAZG by Sixstring982


The reviews for all the entries can be found here: http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2016/