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The 2017 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invites developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. The challenge dates are set for 4-12 March 2017. Participants are challenged to complete a game in a 168 hour window within this time period.


Competition tags

On Wordpress, the tag 7DRL 2017 is for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, the hashtag #7DRL is for competition related status updates.

Finished entries

Sorted by average rating granted by the review committee

  • Myst by Oleg Dolya
  • Sleeping Beauty by Ondřej Žára
  • Cyan Security by Numeron
  • The Abyss of Souls by Lyeeedar
  • MinotaurRL by James Haywood
  • Everything is Fodder by Jeff Lait
  • Rogue, Fighter, Mage: in the Goblin Caves by mathpunk
  • Chomp! by Ross Pinkstaff
  • Hero Trap by jtolmar
  • Frostlike by Team Kalamakkara
  • Jellymancer by Lachlan Kingsford
  • Settler by graspee
  • Turbotron by Patrick Kenney
  • Manicule of Fury by Badscribbler
  • Rogue River: Obol of Charon by chaos-dev
  • Undeath and Taxis by James McNeill
  • Woozoolike by Marukrap & Guuuuuum
  • PureSpace by Chao
  • They Look Strange And Have To Die by ratking
  • Arkham after Midnight by Lone Spelunker
  • Black Jack is still at large by tndwolf
  • Abyss by JB Vincent
  • Schwarzwald Slaughter by Roni Saari
  • Paladin Dive by thp
  • CubeRL by Luca Giacometti
  • Brazen Berry Bonanza by Ethan Hoeppner
  • DOGUE by James Heslin (PROGRAM_IX)
  • Gob! by st33d
  • Serpentarius by High Sodium Games
  • @lchemist by Pandaraw
  • Apocalypse Post by Stephen Sherratt
  • Book of Rogue by Key Wraith
  • Cavern Collapse by Jonathon Logo Walsh
  • Dungeon Scoundrel by kitty
  • Gelassenheit RL by rubybliels
  • Rogue Artillery by Artees
  • The RoguePuzzleGame - Remastered by Ahmed Khalifa
  • Zurvivors by jere
  • @'S DIE by akirassasin
  • The Oracle of Ithrakizar by Nanolotl
  • Undertiled by Babis
  • Catoblepas by Don Collins
  • Caverns of Sevendral by Ross Andrews
  • Dead Horizons 7DRL by IBOL17
  • Jimmy in the Realm of the Dead by Evgenii Petrov
  • Riders of Rhea by Dave Lloyd
  • Scavenger of Broken Dreams by Steven Portzer
  • Stir Mercury by ArchBang
  • nullpointer by lycaon
  • 7DKoboldicide by kalaeth
  • Fremde Brut by purestrain
  • Isorogue by 23 & Chamotea
  • King of Nothing by Tinytouchtales
  • MedicalRL by Srinivas Kaza + Matthew Pfeiffer
  • The Darkest Deeps by Kirk
  • The Librarian by Dmitry Mamchur
  • Top Men by Magma Fortress
  • Diecognizant by Edwin DeNicholas
  • Your Past, My Future by Akhier Dragonheart
  • Borderline by kipar
  • Introvertia by Matt Ritchie (Cynapse)
  • Loot'N'Run by Maciej Matejuk, Łukasz Miros, Grzegorz Zakrzewski
  • PokemonRL by Slash
  • Tower of Magi by Davide Pizzolotto
  • Furthest Shore by Brian Bucklew
  • Legionnaire by Danny Spencer
  • Oh Fuck, Zombies! by Tristan W. Bonsor
  • Pirates of Rogue Basin by Jeff Ripley (v4nz666)
  • Rubaiyat by Brian Bleakley
  • Unlichtwesen by Jan
  • Doge Rogue by geldonyetich
  • RGBlike by rosalu
  • Werewolf by Rakaneth
  • CivilRL by Thom Robertson
  • Tyran Jaager by Ignotus17
  • ROOM by serkan3k
  • House of Nothing by Jakob Virgil
  • Space Station Plunder by alxm
  • Going Ham by James Fulop + Eric Nethery
  • Ligis by hekst
  • Nanorogue by Cody Ebberson
  • Pepe the Frog vs. Dat Boi in the search of the lost Shadilay by chiguireitor
  • Derelict by LittleBears
  • Corpse Stacker by Serin Delaunay
  • Dungeon Penetrator #pico8 by Glen McNamee @glenmcnamee
  • Exterminate by RasmusErik, solsort.com
  • BuildTowers by horaguchi
  • The Forest by M. Tim Jones
  • A Roguelike Where You Plan Your Moves by Travis Moy
  • Cowboy Rogue by Marshall
  • Brave Soul Aliana by Jerry Verhoeven
  • roqtp2t by Tsutsukakushi
  • soulmancerRL by QiZD
  • Cold Contact:Clear Sky by Sidearm Entertainment


Traditionally all 7DRLs are reviewed and rated by an expert committee. The reviews for 2017's entries can be found here: http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2017/

Various video Let's Plays have also been made of the many 7DRLs. A round-up thread can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/roguelikes/comments/5z14qy/2017_7drl_video_coverage_thread/